The Warranty period is 1/2 years from date of purchase on production of the appropriate sales invoice. If this sales invoice is unavailable, the Warranty period is 1/2 years from the date of manufacture.
The Warranty becomes null and void in case of incorrect utilization or disregard of Stebel®ís instructions.
Warranty only covers defects in materials and workmanship at time of manufacture. Warranty does not cover any related installation costs or any other cost involved.
Transport costs are refundable only in case where Warranty has been duly recognized and accepted by Stebel® Italia. These costs, agreed upon with Stebel® beforehand, will be limited to the actual shipment costs between Stebel®ís warehouse and the clientís delivery address.
No credit notes, in any case limited only to wholesale value of the product, or replacement items will be issued prior to the receipt and proper testing of any of Stebel®ís goods that are deemed faulty.
No merchandise returns are accepted without prior notice from the customer and relative written authorization by Stebel® Italia
Stebel® Italia is not responsible for any damages or loss of material incurred in the transportation of goods from its warehouse to the customerís warehouse.
Claims after 8 days of the detection of the defect are not accepted.