We receive numerous requests daily from final consumers regarding the difficulty to verify the originality of the products that they buy on the market, including online through the internet. It is our important duty to advise all our customers particularly the final consumer, that all of our products, especially those covered by international patents such as the Nautilus™ Series, are marketed exclusively with the Stebel® brand on the product and packaging, (with the exception of a few other globally recognized brands which we are not authorized to disclose here). This helps to guarantee the originality of the product. We strongly advise consumers to avoid similar or apparently similar products marketed with other brands and/or in anonymous forms, because in most cases they are certainly ILLEGAL bad copies of our original products which do not function properly out of the box.
Stebel® Italia is established in Italy (in European Economic Community) and has not granted to other third companies, except its subsidiaries, the production of its products, the use of its exclusively trademark "Stebel®" and of its exclusively invention patents.
For any type of more precise information before your purchase, you can write to info@stebel.it
In both our interest and yours, we will be pleased to give you all possible information for a more secure purchase.

The illustrations and descriptions on this information sheet are for indicative purposes only. At any moment and without warning, Stebel® reserves the right to replace or modify the models hereby shown in order to improve quality or meet particular production/commercial requirements. We kindly ask our customers to indicate the precise Stebel® product code when placing orders.
Important Notice: We strongly advise the consumer to follow in detail the suggestions and requirements of installation in order to insure the correct function and perfornmance of the product.